A Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of renowned professionals, regularly monitors the critical points in the chain of production, transportation, processing, storage and distribution of our products. Each stage of the manufacturing process of our products complies with all relevant levels of traceability, sterility and security.

We work in close collaboration with a multitude of Veterinary Ophthalmology Clinics. In this way, we assure the highest level of standards that meets and exceeds the needs and perspectives of the ophthalmic veterinary professional.


As a pioneer in Spain in the processing and distribution of animal amniotic membrane for Veterinary, Vetbiologicals has based on the premise of meeting and exceeding the most rigorous standards for quality and professionalism.

Our goal: to become the leading company in regenerative biological therapies for Veterinary Ophthalmology. In order to accomplish this, we not only have state-of-the-art, high aseptic and microbiological safety laboratory facilities, but we also are comprised of a Multidisciplinary Team of biologists, pharmacists, physicians and veterinary ophthalmologists who are focused on the field of research and the latest advances in biotechnology and biomedicine.


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