The amniotic membrane is obtained under sterile conditions by elective cesarean section from cows with uncomplicated pregnancies. Donor females are examined to confirm a general condition healthy and free of infectious diseases.

The placenta is immersed in a sterile solution with antibiotics and antifungals, and is transported to the laboratory immediately. Here, the amniotic membrane is mechanically separated from the placenta. Under a laminar flow hood, the membrane is washed with a sterile solution of antibiotics and then stored adhered to a nitrocellulose support with the surface of the epithelial layer / basement membrane side up.

During processing of the amniotic membrane, samples are collected in order to perform random microbiological control cultures.

AmnioVet® is packaged in individual units of amniotic / nitrocellulose membrane (size 4x4 cm) in sterile double polyethylene bag and immersed in a cryopreservative liquid. The package is sealed and subjected to controlled freezing rate up to -80ºC.

AmnioVet® is distributed and mailed in dry ice. After delivery, the samples can be stored up to 1 year in a standard domestic freezer (-20ºC). When the tissue is thawed, the amniotic membrane should be used immediately.

AmnioVet® stability in different storage conditions after the date of manufacture is reflected in the following table:

How to handle AmnioVet®?

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