Vetbiologicals provides training for veterinary ophthalmologists in order to implement their knowledge about the characteristics, therapeutic options and surgical management of our products.

The use of AmnioVet® is limited to experienced surgeons who have been properly trained in the management of amniotic membrane for ocular surgery.

If you are interested in attending any of the workshops on "Handling of AmnioVet®" organized by Vetbiologicals, please send us an email with your data in the Contact section.


Sequence of the corneal regeneration with amniotic membrane.
Keratomalacia with deep ulcer.

Mixed breed dog. Keratomalacia with deep ulcer by entropion. Patch of amniotic membrane with protective nictitans flap.

French Bulldog. Corneal perforation. Graft multilayer and coating of amniotic membrane, with protective nictitans flap.

Pug. Pre-Descemet ulcer. Amniotic membrane graft multilayer fixed with corneal adhesive and protective nictitans flap.

Persian cat. Corneal sequestrum. Amniotic membrane graft monolayer fixed with corneal adhesive and protective nictitans flap.

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