AmnioVet Fresh Amniotic Membrane

AMNIOVEToffers the veterinarian an exceptional solution for tissue repair and regeneration in ocular surface surgery.

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Vetbiologicals is a forerunner in the research, processing and distribution of amniotic membrane for veterinary medicine.

Our multidisciplinary team , is focused on research and the latest advances in biotechnology and biomedicine.

Our goal is to develop and provide innovative methods for the treatment of eye diseases in veterinary medicine.

A scientific advisory board regularly monitors all stages AMNIOVET™, production, ensuring that the demanding quality requirements are met.

Close collaboration with important reference veterinary clinics in the field of ophthalmology allows us to develop a product that meets the needs of veterinarians in the treatment of their patients.

We guarantee surgical success to our customers, offering them continuous online and on-site training..



AMNIOVET™ is a biomaterial derived from bovine amniotic membrane. It is prepared for medical use by cryopreservation treatment.
It is a transparent tissue that easily conforms to the cornea. Its unique biological activities stimulate tissue repair and reduce scarring.
These properties make it the ideal biomaterial for corneal reconstruction.

AMNIOVET™ is a therapeutic option that is easy to use. It can be conveniently sutured to the surgical site or applied with tissue adhesives.

Before After
Before After


Facilitates epithelialization, respecting the normal epithelial phenotype

Reduces the residual scar after tissue regeneration

Reduces inflammation and corneal neovascularization



AMNIOVET™ is available in 40×40 mm and 25×25 mm sizes. The individual membranes are packaged in a sterile, double polyethylene bag with cryopreservation liquid and have been frozen in a controlled process to a temperature of -80 °C.

AMNIOVET™ is shipped in thermal boxes with dry ice. It can be stored in a freezer at -20 ºC for up to 1 year.



Guillaume Cazalot

COVS-Toulouse Blagnac

AMNIOVET™ is an original biomaterial. Its texture gives it great versatility of use for the protection and reconstruction of tissues.
Because of its plasticity, it hugs defects of corneal, scleral or conjunctival substance to provide optimal filling.
Thanks to its resistance, it also provides greater safety, especially in eye perforations.
Its presentation in a large plate allows to perform circumscribed grafts or complete ocular coverings that ensure:

  • A draining effect, useful to limit vascular proliferation in the corneal stroma during simple keratectomy or autologous transplantation.
  • extraocular counterpressure, appreciable during corneal drilling to consolidate the depth of the anterior chamber.
  • epithelial protection of tissues weakened by a transient alteration (neurotrophic keratitis, proptosis, etc.).

AMNIOVET™ therefore becomes an indispensable tool in the therapeutic arsenal of our surgical practice.

Sophie Cognard


I routinely use amniotic membranes for corneal transplants. The AMNIOVET™ membrane is very easy to use thanks to its significant thickness and easy-to-suture texture. It does not tear, epithelializes rapidly and integrates with little lysis.

It is a highly recommended product for anterior keratectomies in feline corneal sequestration, anterior stromal ulcers or even for loss of substance. Its cost is reasonable, its transport is controlled and its conservation keeps it available in our standard freezer, available at any time in our clinic.


Miguel Albuixech


Nina Meinke

Chief Commercial Officer

Eduardo Huguet

Medical Director

Jesús Yagüe


Scientific Comittee

Fernando Sanz

Veterinary ophthalmologist

Victoria Espejo

Veterinary ophthalmologist

Clinio Díaz

Veterinary ophthalmologist

Cárol García de Joz

Veterinary ophthalmologist

Jorge Vergara

Veterinary ophthalmologist

Service to all Europe

AMNIOVET™ is shipped in thermal boxes with dry ice. After delivery, the samples can be stored up to 1 year in a standard domestic freezer (-20ºC).