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AmnioVet® provide unique wound repair and wound healing solutions used to manage many ocular surface diseases.

AmnioVet® is a biomaterial composed of bovine amniotic membrane which has been obtained and processed through a meticulous process of sterilization and cryopreservation. Unlike other methods of preservation, cryopreservation retains the valuable activity of cytokines and growth factors amnion. This confers unique biological activities that stimulate tissue repair, minimize scar formation, reduce inflammation and control ocular pain. Amniotic membrane grafts have been shown to be of particular value in ophthalmic surgery.

AmnioVet® is a therapeutic option easy to use and can be easily attached to the surgical bed with sutures or tissue adhesive.

Vetbiologicals ico


The amniotic membrane is obtained under sterile conditions by elective cesarean section from cows with uncomplicated pregnancies. Donor females are examined to confirm a general condition healthy and free of infectious diseases.

The placenta is immersed in a sterile solution with antibiotics and antifungals, and is transported to the laboratory immediately. Here, the amniotic membrane is mechanically separated from the placenta. Under a laminar flow hood, the membrane is washed with a sterile solution of antibiotics and then stored adhered to a nitrocellulose support with the surface of the epithelial layer / basement membrane side up.

During processing of the amniotic membrane, samples are collected in order to perform random microbiological control cultures.

AmnioVet® is packaged in individual units of amniotic / nitrocellulose membrane (size 4×4 cm) in sterile double polyethylene bag and immersed in a cryopreservative liquid. The package is sealed and subjected to controlled freezing rate up to -80ºC.

AmnioVet® is distributed and mailed in dry ice. After delivery, the samples can be stored up to 1 year in a standard domestic freezer (-20ºC). When the tissue is thawed, the amniotic membrane should be used immediately.

AmnioVet®stabilityin different storage conditions after the date of manufacture is reflected in the following table:

Temperatures and storage time AmnioVet® amniotic membrane
Vetbiologicals ico


The amniotic membrane should be thawed before use for 30 minutes at room temperature. The color of the storage medium after thawing can vary from light pink to orange tones.

AmnioVet® is presented in a double bag. Using delicate forceps or sterile gloves, the inner bag containing the amniotic tissue is removed. This inner package can be put in contact with the sterile field. With scissors, the package is cut below the sealing line of the inner bag and the piece of tissue is carefully removed with sterile forceps, avoiding membrane to come in contact with the inside of the bag and is attached to it. Once extracted, AmnioVet® can be easily removed from the nitrocellulose support with a surgical sponge dry or cornea forceps. One should generously wash the AmnioVet® with saline solution in order to remove any residual cryopreservative fluid.

The tissue is immediately ready for transplantation after separating it from the supporting nitrocellulose. There is no need for rehydration of the tissue. AmnioVet® is always presented with the side of the amniotic stroma adhered to nitrocellulose paper. After removal of this support, one can easily determine the orientation of AmnioVet® using a surgical sponge dry, which will adhere to the side of the stroma, but will not stick to the part of the basement membrane.

ElThe processing and cryopreservation method that we use in Vetbiologicals, allows us to produce an amniotic membrane that retains the tissue’s natural characteristic tensile strength, which makes AmnioVet® relatively strong, easy to handle and to suture.