Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023

Location: Oftalmovet®.. Canary Islands Street, 32. 46023 Valencia

Registration: or +34 626 801 016

Price: 480 €



8.45-9.00 h

Reception of attendees

9.00-10.30 h

Theoretical session


1. Alternatives for corneal reconstruction.
Advantages and disadvantages

Conjunctival flap

Corneoconjunctival transposition

Dehydrated biomaterials

Fresh amniotic membrane

2. Fresh amniotic membrane


Biological properties

Practical information: AmnioVet™ presentations and packaging, shipping and storage in the clinic, surgery preparation.


3. Surgery with AmnioVet™

Pre-surgical preparation of the defect

Surgical techniques:


Monolayer and multilayer grafts

Combined techniques

Suture/corneal adhesive

Contact lens coating

4. Tips and tricks

5. Presentation of clinical cases

10.30-11.00 h


11.00-13.30 h

Practical session on pig eyes and under surgical microscopy


* Depending on the number of attendees, practical sessions may also be held in the afternoon. Ask for more information when you register.